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I Herbal products made in the workshops Fitosofia are available on this online shop or atHerbalist in Milan.

Our plant extracts are characterized by high purity and effectiveness, their quality can be seen from the first use.

You can find and buy our best products online. On the online herbalist shop you will find all our herbal remedies and the supplements of our production.

High quality food supplements

Since 2009, our inclination has always been to develop preparations high quality herbal medicines.

Our best food supplements they are the non-alcoholic ones, thanks to their concentration and purity they represent the physiological evolution of our initial choice.

Thanks to the specific production method, years of sampling, and constant improvement, these products offer results of great health interest.

Phytotherapeutic remedies from online herbal medicine

Online herbal medicine natural remedies and phytotherapy


We produce functional compounds, mother tinctures and glycerine macerates from fresh plants, remedies in pearls, capsules, tablets.

Pure essential oils of food quality, vegetable oils, organic and biodynamic medicinal plants are also available. All our products are born from our philosophy and are guaranteed by our brand.

You can use our online herbalist shop to buy or to read information on all our herbal remedies. You can also visit the section dedicated to insights to read more information on the properties and benefits of plant extracts.

To facilitate your search on the site, you can click on the icon at the top right in the form of a magnification bar and type the topic, plan or problem of your interest in the search bar. There are over 200 articles published.


The herbalist's staff is made up of trained herbalists available from Monday to Saturday. The online ordering service is active 24 hours a day and a chat is active which herbalists always answer during working hours.

The constant herbal training, the internal study of the formulations and direct experience with customers allow us to perform a good service for the person. We try to do the best we can at all times. Herbalists may be busy, in case they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

About 80% of our products are made up of food supplements formulated by us, each herbalist can count on a rather rare selection of plants and active ingredients. Having specific products available is essential to be able to recommend a targeted solution.

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