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Every product served by our online herbalist shop or at our point of sale is the result of the synergy of research activities, technical avant-garde and direct experience. We study herbal products characterized by high purity and effectiveness, whose main value is a quality that can be seen from the first use.

Ultrasound Extracts


Certified testimonials – FEEDATY

We do not invest in image marketing, but in product and service quality. Today companies can buy opinions or “likes”, pay influencers to create trends, and much more. As you will notice if you will order our products, we do not discount or give away products in order to receive positive reviews. Our aim is to guarantee the transparency of information and progressively improve our workflow through customers’ feedback. You can read all our certified reviews on the FEEDATY website

Very fast in shipping. Available on the phone for any doubts about the products they are always available to help. I have been buying from them for several years and I can only recommend them. They have high quality and effective products.

Review date 20/07/2018

Congratulations, I would never have believed to receive the package after two hours from the order (milan, Italy). It is not very clear from the site that you deliver in Milan within 4 hours, I would advise you to advertise it better.

Review date 21/07/2018

Finally a bit of humanity and common sense. They offer a free consultation service that others charge, without distinction in case you buy or not, I acknowledged it with direct experience since the first time I called them I didn't buy.

Review date 31/08/2018

What could I say? I place an order at 16.20 and at 16.26 they phone me to tell me that they did their best to deliver the same day (I live in Milan) ... The package arrived the next morning, but it wasn't so urgent!

Review date 02/08/2018

This product is incredible, I digest within 3 minutes and I'm not swollen since I take it, even though I have a delicate stomach I didn't face any problem. I'm glad I found an alcohol-free product for digestion. You should produce the free sample, I would have tried and bought it years ago.

Diges Review date 21/07/2018

Excellent shopping experience with professional telephone advices on product selection. thank you!

Review date 24/10/2017