Tarassaco tisana Our herbal products are the result of research activity, cutting-edge technology and direct experience. Each product is characterized by high purity and effectiveness: our main value is quality, our customers can verify it from the first use. Read more about our values visiting the page dedicated to our high quality herbal products.

• 100% Italian formulations, developed from professionals, bioengineers, herbalists and doctors.
• Advanced production technology and strict quality controls: GMP and HACCP.
• Italian production, from formulation to finished product.
• Pure, concentrated and safe products, designed to achieve high effectiveness levels.
• Minimal impact on the organism, great attention to excipients, such as synthetic dyes or aromas.
• Spontaneous, wild, organic and biodynamic plants, purchased from known Italian sources.

Cutting-edge technology: cold ultrasound extraction

Our production technology further enhances quality. Ultrasonic extracts are more concentrated, pure and without excipients; they can be successfully used as functional actives in food supplements and cosmetics. Concentrated non-alcoholic supplements are the milestone of our preparations. They are obtained from the synergy of various concentrated extracts. Here are some of the major distinctive features:

• Full extraction of all active ingredients: water-soluble, fat-soluble, essential oils, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins.
• Pure and concentrated products, without excipients or alcohol; stronger preservative power.
• Cold processing preserves functionality and all organoleptic characteristics such as freshness, taste and smell.
• 4:1 titre of single plants or mixtures. With 4g of vegetable, we produce 1kg of super concentrated extract.

For ease of use, our herbal products are grouped in categories, accessible from the links on the images below. The main “STORE” menu allows access to all sections of our online herbal store; all orders are shipped from our herbal shop in Milan with DHL.

Food supplements third party manufacturing

Our third party production service includes all phases from development to finished products: concentrated non-alcoholic supplements, capsules and softgels, plant extracts, probiotics, supplements with bio-technological ingredients, and more. Our service is aimed at companies already operating in the field: herbal & pharmaceutical companies, clinics, aesthetic brands, naturopathic centers. For more information please visit the page: food supplements third party manufacturing.

Cosmetics third party production

For low quantities orders we offer a customization service of our high quality cosmetic line Amaelle. Our development and production service is for third-party lines, with 100% outsourced management, including packaging and raw materials: Creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils, masks, detergents, beauty products and more. For more information please read the specific page: Cosmetics third party production.

Certified testimonials – FEEDATY

We do not invest in image marketing, but in product and service quality. Today companies can buy opinions or “likes”, pay influencers to create trends, and much more. As you will notice if you will order our products, we do not discount or give away products in order to receive positive reviews. Our aim is to guarantee the transparency of information and progressively improve our workflow through customers’ feedback. You can read all our certified reviews on the FEEDATY website