Concentrates 4: 1, pure and without excipients

The extraction is carried out thanks to the creation of stretching forces that operate the disintegration and mechanical rupture of the cell walls, favoring the escape of the material from the cytoplasm / vacuolar juice. The reduction of particles operated by ultrasonic cavitation significantly increases the solid / liquid contact surface. The mechanical action carried out by ultrasound increases the diffusion of the solvent in the tissues and breaks the cell walls due to cavitation and stretching.

The use of ultrasound allows the total extraction of all the active ingredients contained in the plant (whether they are water-soluble, fat-soluble, essential oils, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements or vitamins) without the use of heat or solvents, so as to preserve the integrity of the phytocomplex which is entirely transferred to water.

Once the extraction process is complete, the exhausted solid material is separated from the liquid by pressure (pressing), centrifugation, filtration, to obtain the entire phytocomplex in liquid form. Subsequent low-temperature vacuum concentrations (not exceeding 35 ° C) allow to obtain concentrated extracts of various titles up to the dry extract. Furthermore, the initial use of revitalized water which retains all the energy of the spring water offers us:

better shelf life
greater stability even after microbiological modification
greater self-purifying power
better solvent power
better organoleptic characteristics (freshness, taste, smell)

The ultrasonic extracts, obtained at different concentrations, are successfully used in the food, pharmaceutical, liquor and cosmetic sectors.

Alcohol-free extracts are the flagship of our products. They are characterized by a higher concentration and the total absence of excipients. The alcohol-free extracts, due to their high purity, have a longer duration than a mother tincture because it is sufficient to take fewer drops; 60 per day, instead of 100-150 in the case of mother tinctures. They are also recommended for their purity in combination with other specific treatments.

Detox Enhances
Relax Enhance
Relieves Improves
Super Lapacho Extract
Super Maca Extract