Bach flower advice

Bach flower advice

Bach flower advice: method, duration, cost and booking

Edward Bach was born on September 24, 1886 in a small village in Wales. From an early age he was passionate about nature, he decided as a child to be a doctor. His life was characterized by the experimentation of innovative treatments, a long illness brought him closer to nature and experimentation. Doctor Edward Bach developed 38 flowers, useful for rebalancing the various moods, as well as a blend of 5 flowers called Rescue, an emergency remedy for fears and anxiety.

According to Edward Bach, the disease represents an imbalance of the "vibrations" of our soul. When we move away from our "I", we disconnect from our life energy and enter negative moods, then we get sick. Bach flowers, thanks to their energy, rebalance these states, restoring harmony.

Bach flower advice is aimed at promoting emotional and emotional rebalancing. This is not a psychology session, but an interview based on the experimentation and discoveries of Edward Bach, handed down until today for over a hundred years. Following the interview, the consultant identifies the synergy of the most appropriate Bach flowers, describes their effects and the emotional aspects on which they will act.

The method of counseling

Bach flower advice can follow different methods. At our herbalist's shop the direct interview is always used, to which the intuitive choice can be associated in some cases, for example with children, who can hardly make an accurate self-analysis and sustain the interview.

A very effective method to identify the right Bach flower mix is ​​the method of intuitive choice, just like Edward Bach did. It is truly fascinating to take the first step towards well-being and awareness. We personally identify, through the photographs, those that among the 38 flowers are most suitable for us in that precise period. Through a bunch of photographs of Bach flowers, you will go to choose, in an instinctive way, your favorite images.

Another method, from our point of view more complete than the first, is that of direct interview. During the interview, the consultant and the person discuss the issues of interest, to try to identify the root of the problem. This method is great for helping the person to "bring out" what they cannot express with others, or which they cannot accept for themselves.

Edward Bach said that man's emotions are like an onion skin, layered. By peeling one layer at a time we can get to face what holds us back and prevents us from being in harmony. By addressing the problem with the "energetic" support of Bach flowers, we can find serenity and well-being.

Duration and frequency of the consultation

There is no fixed duration, they usually serve from 30 to 60 minutes. In case the person is unable to fully open up, Water Violet may be recommended to encourage openness and dialogue.

Normally the same mixture must be taken for about 3-4 weeks, in order to evaluate the changes, and eventually replace the mixture. For this we recommend at least one meeting a month with the flower therapist. Some flowers are very quick and it happens that you have to see each other for a new consultation much sooner. In this case it is always the person who realizes it and asks to bring the meeting forward.

Those who use Bach flowers must observe themselves as much as possible, also to be able to better report the situation and favor a clear vision of the next steps.

Cost of consulting

The consultation costs € 60 per session. For those who wish, it is possible to purchase a package of 5 sessions, at a cost of € 300 (€ 245.90 + VAT), which includes Bach flower compositions for 5 months for free (5 bottles of 30ml).

Bach flowers for children

There are various methods to carry out a Bach flower consultation, the intuitive choice, the interview, the muscle test, etc ... the choice of images, is a very suitable method for children who are attracted to the shapes and colors of flowers.

Book the Consultancy in Milan

The Herbalist shop Fitosofia of Milan offers the Bach Flower Consultancy service by appointment. To book you can call or write to us via the contact form on the site. The consultations are made in Milan, in viale Affori, 11. Tel. +39 0298996473, from Monday to Saturday 9: 30-13: 00/15: 00-19: 30.