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Softgels and capsules

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All sofgels and capsules, pearls and tablets available are selected in a wide range of possibilities based on three aspects that are fundamental for us:

  • the presence of high quality active ingredients
  • the functionality of our synergies
  • the safete of use

We work constantly to ensure the absence of excipients that, although allowed, we do not accept according to our formulation quality, and to minimize those that we consider admissible. To give an example, the Dandelion-Artichoke tablets are 98% pure, 49% dry Dandelion extract and 49% dry Artichoke extract (dry extract, not powder!). The excipients are present, but at 2%. To understand the added value you need to have products to compare; you can search for other artichoke and dandelion products on the internet, and check their declared contents.