Fitosofia® guarantees high quality and fast restocking, materials, video courses and constant advice

Many businesses have invested in their own brand and want to spread it, resulting in the need to produce customized food supplements. Fitosofia offers a quick solution to meet this demand, ensuring the supply of high quality customized products at low costs.

We customize ours herbal products with your corporate image starting from 100 pieces per reference, supporting you with staff training to improve the specific skills of your operators month by month.

This solution is scalable and allows you to start even from a single reference to evaluate quality and service, gradually integrating other references as needed.

The great added value of this possibility is thehigh quality of each product, alongside the existence of synergistic products specifically designed to respond to the most common problems.

This allows the insertion of future references in an orderly and functional way, making already tested care protocols available.

Among our customers there are beauty centers, herbalists, spas and wellness centers. The service includes everything necessary to be able to market the product: initial consultancy, graphic service, management of printing high resolution labels and boxes, transport, packaging and notification of personalized food supplements to the Ministry of Health. Certificates of analysis and technical data sheets are available on request.

For professionals and companies who want to produce their own formulas or new formulas not present on the market, the service of production of supplements for third parties full service, suitable for larger commercial presences who intend to have the absolute exclusivity of their formulas.

Useful Information

Which of your articles are the most requested for customization?

Each business has its own specific customers and unique operators. A phone call is enough to identify together the references that will have greater response. It is our interest to direct you to the best, so that the investment represents a success and makes new investments sensible.

Can I get a sample before purchasing?

Yes it is essential. Given the many requests we send limited samples to the articles of interest, for this reason it is important to talk to us to identify the initial references.

Will my branded products have the same quality as the sample?

Absolutely yes. We can prove it both with the technical data sheet and with the lot number, both data that we will provide. It is also possible to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics such as flavor, smell and consistency. We always make a careful and meticulous analysis of the quality of our products.

Will my branded products comply with the law?

If requested, we take care of all the bureaucratic-administrative aspects necessary for the marketing of the products, including the notification procedures to the Ministry of Health and the preparation of technical data sheets and microbiological analyzes.

Can you customize less than 100 pieces?

It is only possible for items that do not have a box. Among these the most requested are the following: Attiva, Kalo-one, Perle di Boragine, Perle di Lino, Omega 3, Neuro, Phytoactivated Red Rice. For these references, the customization starts from 50 pieces.

Fitosofia does it have an office where I can visit you?

Yes, we receive at the herbalist's shop Fitosofia in Viale Affori 11 in Milan, here you can try all our products. We ask you to make an appointment so that we can guarantee the presence of the owner, just write to us via the contact form.

In addition to producing custom food supplements we also serve

Nutritionists, Dietitians, Naturopaths

More than 95% of the operators who collaborate with us increase the number of herbal products used month by month. For some we have developed specific products.

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Herbalists, Pharmacies and Beauty Centers

More than 90% of active customers have been working with us for more than 5 years, almost all of which are constantly expanding their offer with the new products in the catalog. We always deliver in 24/48 hours.

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