Food supplements third party manufacturing

Food supplements manufacturing

We formulate and manage food supplement manufacturing on behalf of third parties with particular attention to the synergy between the individual ingredients and nutritional compliance. Our attention is focused on product quality and on the completeness of our service. All developments start from scientific research and end in the finished product, completed with technical and informative materials.

Food supplements third party manufacturing in Italy

Types of supplements

  • Single plant supplements and concentrates
  • Non-alcoholic food supplements synergies
  • Mother tinctures and Glyceric macerates
  • Capsules, tablets and pearls
  • Aesthetics supplements
  • Lactic ferments
  • Sports supplements

100% outsourcing production

Our service is more wide than the one offered by food supplements manufacturing companies, it is aimed at companies that cannot devote the necessary time to development, production management, and training, or who do not have the necessary skills. Our service is able to satisfy all the phases from the development to finished product.

  • Formulation development: based on the specific functions required
  • Sampling: to evaluate functionality and characteristics
  • Management: food supplements manufacturing
  • Consultancy: for all aspects required during our long collaboration
  • Regulations: product registration, update to regulations
  • Graphic service: from product layout to marketing materials
  • Printing service: catalogs, flyers, leaflets, panels, window materials etc.
  • Training courses: personnel, B2B and B2C, including agent training

The advantages of our third party service

Both on a scientific level, on a technical level, and on the manufacturing level, our third party production eliminates your risks and dramatically reduces internal efforts, since everything is managed by our specialists. Our ideal client mainly deals with commercial and marketing activities, agent management or point of sale management.

We supply finished products, innovation and scientific support, B2B courses, and everything correlated with technical-scientific aspects, from conferences to the creation of specific materials.

These aspects make our food supplement manufacturing service a unique offer, different from traditional third party production, which is usually a limited service reserved to expert customers.

Fitosofia®: Specialized food supplement manufacturing

Bibliographic research and study represent a fundamental advantage for our customer. We develop supplements to optimize results and minimize the use of excipients and contraindications. The product is accompanied by an accurate technical sheet. 1 page is not enough to document and explain the functionality of a product, especially when it integrates a synergy of actives.

The scientific file we produce is appreciated by specialized sector operators, therapists, herbalists, pharmacists and doctors. All of them need to receive study material, with information gathered in internal medicine journals, or on textbooks with proven authority.

It should be remembered that each supplement can bring different answers to different individuals. There is no data sheet that is always valid for everyone, although knowledge is based on scientific research and extensive bibliographies.

The scientific chief who manages development and food supplement manufacturing is Dr. Roberto Cammarata, specialist in phytotherapy and Professor of the phytotherapy course at the Unitre University in Cesano Maderno (Italy).

Manufacturing with advanced technologies

The ultrasonic extraction allows us to extract all active ingredients contained in the plant (whether water-soluble, fat-soluble, essential oils, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements or vitamins) without heat or solvents. This preserves the integrity of the phytocomplex which is entirely transferred to water. When we don't use ultrasounds, we faithfully follow the Mediterranean herbal tradition, in order to optimize results and guarantee product purity.

High quality supplements

Quality comes from all attentions paid to production phases. Small-medium productions can be managed well, not large industrialization. Procedures are both artisanal and automatic, automatically we put the labels, we close the caps and the packs, but 50-60% of the necessary care is manual, for example the harvest, and must always be manual.

Let's take an example: How could we harvest blueberries if not by hand? Using machinery, as well as being prohibited by law because it seriously damages the plant, opens blueberries, contaminating them with leaves and dust. To produce the mother tincture of wild blueberry berries, the only thing to do is picking blueberries up.

Many information derive from direct contact with farms. If the harvest is followed by experts, the harvesting areas remain healthy and productive. Without good farmers, we would eat poor food.

There are many things to know: mosses and lichens must be harvested without damaging the bark of the trees; if you need the ends, better to use a pair of scissors to cut the upper parts of the plant without ruining the roots. In general, we protect the ecosystem where we collect, even if we need more time for the collection. Read more about our High quality herbal products