Herbal shop franchise

Fitosofia: specialized herbal shop franchise

Fitosofia is a ten-year brand, synonymous with high quality Italian phytotherapy. The brand itself summarizes our company philosophy: “Fito” the vegetables, and “Sofia” study/knowledge. From the beginning we have always sought and encouraged a scientific approach to the herbal world, investing time, resources and a constant commitment. Gradually increasing results, together with increasing professionals, further strengthen our sole and unique policy: real quality.

Opening a herbal shop franchise with Fitosofia means giving continuity to university studies, insisting on knowledge and improvement, working in herbal medicine dedicating time to books and science.

Herbal shop professional requirements

Accepted profiles are graduates in herbal techniques, pharmacists, biologists or doctors. Direct experience in a store is strongly recommended. Without experience, and without knowledge of the phytopreparations, it is not possible to offer an adequate service.

Passion for health is certainly necessary, but it is accompanied by prerogatives that come mainly from direct experience. In order to guarantee the service aimed at end consumers, we ask continuous updates to our collaborators.

How to open the franchise

In the course of our activity we have opened more stores, we can support you during the bureaucratic-administrative processes. We support our collaborators from the scientific point of view, providing updated technical materials on the products; we will have a constant exchange during the year. We collaborate with a growing number of herbalists and health operators, the comparison leads us to the continuous improvement of products and processes. If you are interested, contact us directly and talk with us.

Become a professional herbalist

The work offers great professional growth, especially for the development of a highly sought-after herbal-naturopathic knowledge. In order for the herbal shop to operate well, the herbalist must be able to offer specialized consultations.

The main return of this job is a rare experience, difficult to build on books, very useful and needed at all levels. It’s a challenge to face with constant commitment; but if you remain firm on your target, you can be sure of the return, both in economic and personal satisfaction terms.

Training course for the herbalist

We offer a training course in our herbalist’s shop in Milan. The course fee is € 800, lasts 2 weeks, from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm, and is entirely discounted on the first purchase for your Herbal shop franchise. If the purchase is made before the course, the course is offered for free.

The training consists in assisting the herbalist when he receives clients, in learning the fundamental practices and characteristics of the products, in learning administrative aspects, software etc. Study material is included. For clarity, we highlight that it is not an internship, the course is aimed at conveying adequate skills to make the franchisee independent.

For already established herbal shops

We offer a contract that facilitates the progressive inclusion of our references with conditions reserved for franchises. For those stores that have a history of products, the change of all existing references is not imposed, we count on a slow and progressive transition to the Fitosofia brand. Given the achievement of a minimum annual purchase initially established, the herbal shop receives all the marketing and price advantages reserved for pure franchises.

Characteristics of the Fitosofia franchise

Opening a herbalist’s franchise directly with a herbal production company brings numerous advantages: in terms of management, development and growth. You will be responsible for your store and part of a group that collaborates, unites, seeks, improves… The selection we make initially allows us to give the right weight to those who deserve it, and in a purely meritocratic perspective allows us to distribute responsibilities and honors.

Herbal products of the franchise

The Fitosofia production covers a good variety of phyto-preparations, about 300 references among functional compounds, many forms of natural remedies such as liquids, pearls, tablets and capsules.

Nevertheless, it happens to need other references to synergize the protocols and complete treatments. During these 10 years, we have entered into commercial agreements with other companies whose quality we appreciated. Your franchise shop will count on 700 different references, and will refer to us for all orders, avoiding problems with minimum purchase quantities, repeated transport costs, and so on.

Costs to open the franchise

The total investment to start the herbalist shop varies from € 15,000.00 to € 20,000.00, depending on the size of the store. The total reference size is 40-50 square meters. The estimate includes the first order of products, store register, digital scale, software, computers, shipping boxes, bags etc. Costs related to the renovation of the store, which depend on the initial conditions of the store, are excluded.

Time to launch the herbal franchise

Once the decision to open has been taken, it takes 1-2 months, including the time to renovate the sales point, and the phytotherapy course. Products and materials are delivered in a single shipment. If the franchisee is already prepared and does not need the course, the time to open is about 2 weeks.

Characterizing conditions of the franchise

  • Shop area: historic centers, shopping streets.
  • Shop store area: Minimum 30 sqm. + small warehouse + services.
  • Duration of the contract: 5 years.
  • Commercial exclusive in your location: yes.
  • Experience and degree: degree in herbal medicine, biology, pharmacology, medicine, or Naturopathy.
  • Products: Fitosofia products + multi-brand references of the selected producers.
  • Discounts: privileged and continuous.
  • Basic investment: € 15,000-20,000
  • Annual turnover: 150,000 – 450,000
  • Assortment: Phytotherapy (70%), natural cosmetics (20%), organic food (10%).
  • Services: deliveries on confidential terms, training, scientific collaboration.
  • Production: the franchisee has the right to royalties on the presented customers who want to produce under the brand. If requested, after due training, he will be able to actively collaborate in the research and commercial development of his area, becoming its exclusive referent (for areas not covered).

Is it worth opening a herbal shop franchise?

We want to share a set of assessments both for and against, to help the reader to orientate himself on the actual convenience of a collaboration with us. Opening a franchise store means expanding the presence of an already started business, working almost like the parent company, with all the advantages and all the limitations that this entails.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Reputation: our brand is known and appreciated by a good number of operators in the field, including naturopaths. Today many attentive consumers know and look for our quality. If you think you want to specialize mainly on natural health, if you want to work with pure Italian products with proven effectiveness, our brand is definitely your ideal choice.
  • Low inventory: it is not necessary to buy large quantities of products to reduce purchase prices. Our fast delivery times and the availability of all products in our warehouses allow you to keep your capital. Your capital remains available on the current account, drastically reducing the need for bank exposure and interest.
  • Growth: our affiliate can make career directly with us, presenting B2B customers, companies, shops etc. If requested, he/she can immediately collaborate actively in the research and commercial development of his area, becoming company referent. He will receive a fee calculated as 15% of the turnover of the managed customers.
  • Assistance, management and collaboration: our business is perfectly calibrated and efficient. In addition to receiving free assistance and ongoing training from us, you can take advantage of an improved and optimized work method.
  • Risk: opening your herbal shop franchise with us ensures you a very low business risk. In our initial analysis we take into consideration all the possible, favorable and unfavorable aspects. We never grant a franchise if we believe there is a medium or high risk.
  • Unified marketing: All initiatives, such as the creation of catalogs, materials, flyers, display panels, etc. are centralized and managed by professionals. The affiliate does not need to print anything, to make graphics, or anything else, we work with and for him.
  • Administrative assistance: we provide all advices and support necessary to lighten the franchisee’s duties and obligations, optimizing all processes, even the tedious and lengthy ones, that the law requires.

Disadvantages of the franchise

  • Reselling your franchise: if you decide to sell your store to a third party, you won’t be able to do it freely. Your buyer must first be presented to us, and after receiving written authorization, you can proceed with the sale. We impose this contractual agreement to maintain a high level of staff competence and protect our consumers.
  • Clothing: there are clothing standards that, in addition to being of common sense, characterize our business. These rules must be respected. To give an example, you can’t work with rings and earrings, since underneath these grow bacterial colonies. Our staff removes rings before working, it’s a sign of respect for customers.
  • Purchase of goods from third parties: it is not possible to purchase and resell products from third-party suppliers, under the conditions of the standard franchise. There is an agreement that allows it and that can be agreed initially.
  • Independence: many decisions are centralized. It can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on personal character and individual needs. If you prefer to be able to make individual choices often, or if it is difficult for you to be part of a group, we advise you not to open a franchise shop.

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