Dr. Nicola Triglione expert in functional medicine

Dr. Nicola Triglione

Surgeon Cardiology specialist Integrated Medicine Expert

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Integrated Medicine Expert

Advocate of the healing power of lifestyle modification. He strongly believes in the role of physical activity, nutrition and stress management to improve well-being and prevent the most common chronic diseases. Dr. Nicola Triglione is the aauthor of Cuorelongevo, a blog about health and prevention.

The prerequisites of integrated medicine

  • Each disease is caused by a plurality of factors, which must be considered as a whole
  • Value of the relationship between doctor and patient who enter into a care pact based on empathy
  • Central role of lifestyle modifications
  • Body-mind relationship

What is Integrated Medicine?

According to integrated medicine, also known as functional medicine, the person is a complex unit which goes beyond the simple association of individual organs and represents an integrated whole. Starting from this assumption, integrated medicine is a method that approaches a disorder taking into account the coordination and relationships that exist between the various systems.

This approach pays attention to all aspects of a person and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, social and environmental dynamics that affect health Integrated medicine is a new way of doing medicine, in strong contrast with the most widespread model today, based on the assumption that all diseases originate from a biological alteration.

The concept of health depends on factors that are difficult to investigate with laboratory tests and cannot be corrected with drugs: le personal relationships, emozioni and the ability to balance work and private life in a balanced way. Researching these potential sources of discomfort in depth is complex. Unfortunately, university education does not teach us to consider the principles that govern the dynamics of the psyche-soma unity.

Professional experience

School of Specialization in Diseases of the Cardiovascular System - Niguarda Hospital (Milan)
Sports Cardiology Fellowship - University of Washington
AMIA teacher - School of Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics and Environmental Medicine - Milan
Nutrition science for health and longevity - Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology
Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation - Heartmath