Need a naturopathic consultation?

Naturopathy derives from the Latin term natura and from the Greek word empathy. The word Naturopathy summarizes what its purpose is: in order to regain its well-being, man must regain empathy with nature. Naturopathy uses the “Natural Remedies” that can be the most varied, from phytotherapy to holistic massage, metamedicine, natural nutrition, Bach flower remedies … and it corrects bad habits to help rebalance the body system.

How a Naturopathic consultation takes place

During a Naturopathic consultation there is an interchange between Customer and Naturopath. The customer is free to express his or her own situation and discomforts; the role of the naturopath is to direct the person to the heart of the problem, and find what represents the “root” of the problem.

During the consultation we start with general questions, on lifestyle, nutrition, family situation, to identify the circumstances in which the person lives. Then we ask more specific questions to highlight aspects, trends and errors related to the symptom. Unlike what happens in allopathic medicine, naturopathy does not focus on the symptom, but through the analysis of the circumstances, it aims at the general re-harmonization, to improve the wrong habits on which most of the disorders are based.

How many Naturopathy consultations will you need?

Some people only one, others 3 or 4 over the course of 1 year. It depends on the problem, on the person’s physical and mental response, and above all on how much the person commits to cure himself. We cannot decide in advance how many Naturopathy consultations will be needed, but after the first consultation, and a short period, it is easy to understand if you are on the right path. Self-awareness and the perceived state of health are very good indicators of the correctness of a path, knowing how to interpret them with conscience and objectivity is the first step to be taken.

Reserve a Naturopathic consultation in Milan

The consultation takes place in Fitosofia’s herbalist shop in Viale Affori 11, Milan. It lasts about an hour, it is not invasive, it is not a visit but an interview. To book call us at +39 0298996473, or write an email to Remember to enter your details to be contacted.