Dr. Eleonora Saltarelli

Dr. Eleonora Saltarelli

Doctor in Herbal Techniques naturopath

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Naturopath and Doctor in Herbal Techniques

Naturopathy comes from the Latin term nature and the Greek term empathy. The word Naturopathy uses the "Natural Remedies" as the only means which can be the most varied, from Phytotherapy, to Holistic massage, to Metamedicine, to Natural nutrition, Bach Flowers and more, it also corrects incorrect habits to favor the rebalancing of the body system.

Dr. Eleonora Saltarelli, Herbalist and Naturopath, thanks to the use of herbs, Bach flowers and many other disciplines, can direct the person on a natural path aimed at Wellness.

The Naturopath

The Naturopath is the professional figure who deals with man in his totality at various levels, takes into consideration the symptom as a starting point to be able to develop a path together with the person. On the basis of the interview, the study of the body's signals, the person's physiognomy, his lifestyle and thanks to the use of some reading means such as foot reflexology, a path is started to regain physical and emotional well-being.

The recommended remedies they can include: gemmoderivati, mother tinctures, herbal teas, bach flowers, breathing exercises, mantras, functional foods, reflexology treatments, holistic massages, writing one's emotions, yoga, meditation… and much more.

How does Naturopathy consultancy work?

During the Naturopathy consultation there is an exchange between the Client and the Naturopath. The customer is free to express his own situation and inconvenience; the role of the naturopath is identify the root problem to start solving it.

We start with questions of a general nature, on lifestyle, nutrition, family situation, to identify the circumstances in which the person lives. Then more specific questions are asked aimed at highlighting aspects, trends and errors related to the symptom. Unlike what happens in allopathic medicine, naturopathy does not focus on the symptom, but through the analysis of the circumstances, it aims to rebalance the organism and correct the wrong habits on which the disorders are based.

Naturopathy works on the "ground", what does it mean?

Working on the ground means reinforcing the imbalances that led to the manifestation of the symptom, to resolve it and to prevent it from recurring. The problem is treated at the root, not just symptomatically.

According to ancient medicines, each of us has a predisposition based on our nature, which will more easily lead to certain physical and emotional symptoms. Starting from these assumptions they can reinforce our most exposed parts and prevent possible inconvenience.

For example, a "hepatic" subject (traditional Mediterranean or Chinese medicine) can act by purifying my liver, especially in spring, avoiding manifestations related to this organ such as poor digestion, allergies and excesses of anger.

Educational qualifications and professional experience

Doctor of Herbal Techniques at the University of Milan in 2005
Naturopath at AE.ME.TRA Popular University of Turin year 2016
Basic holistic massage, decontracting and draining 2015, at the Popular University AE.ME.TRA
Holistic Podalic Reflexology® 2017 at Lumen School of Holistic Naturopathy.
Holistic Podalic Reflexology, Metamorphic Treatment and Nervous System Treatments, year 2019 at Lumen School of Naturopathy.
Kobido face massage 2019, at the Oligenesi National Academy of Massage