Online herbal store

In our online herbal store you find only Italian, high quality Herbal remedies

Our herbal store makes available all our specialty herbal remedies, natural cosmetics and food supplements, with the aim of alleviating the ailments and tensions caused by the daily frenzy. Browsing our online herbal store you will find a wide variety of phyto-preparations, functional compounds, pearl remedies, capsules, tablets, drops. We are specialized herbalists, we directly manage production quality, and we follow our customers following a professional approach, without long waiting lists. In the online store, our herbal products are divided into categories to offer an ordered visualization. The categories can be accessed by clicking on the links below or on the menu “SHOP” button.

Natural cosmeticsMedicinal herbsGlyceric maceratesAlcohol free supplementsNatural essential oilsVegetable oilsLactic fermentsPearls and tabletsMother tinctures

Other herbal product brands in our store

By visiting our Herbal shop in Milan, you will find a few selected brands that we consider appropriate to deal with in our store, although we produce almost 300 items, we often associate other supplements to obtain more complete synergies. Among these brands you can find Di Leo Herbal Laboratory including Bach flowers, the Kos Herbal Laboratory, Pegaso, organic Fior di Loto food, Nonna Ortica Herbal Laboratory, Helan, Teos, and others. Our choices are always based on quality, we constantly work and study to improve our products’ selection.

What are we specialized in?

Summarizing in one word: quality. The herbal store staff is made of titled Herbalists. Our service, both for people and for companies, starts with professionalism, meticulous preparation and direct experience in the field. We give free advises about natural remedies and lifestyle to improve wellbeing. We study and suggest specific solutions, case by case. All our consultants are titled and experienced. Within our products, approximately 80% are food supplements, we study and offer a rather rare selection.

Spontaneous and biological officinal herbs

We have a good selection of officinal plants from biological and biodynamic origin, often fresh. We offer them in bags of different sizes. They can be purchased individually, and even mixed according to your formulations starting from 100 grams. In this case, we can discuss with you in order to customize the formulation for your needs. We always recommend to accompany supplements with infusions, in order to replace wrong drinks with healthy preparations that further enhance the treatment action. Our officinal herbs keep the color, smell, flavor of the original fresh plant; you can expect a far superior functionality and purity then common filter teas.

Our professional specializations

We are specialized in Naturopathy, Flower Therapy, Officiinal herbs and Nutrition. Most of our customers return, and indeed bring our work to the attention of their friends and relatives. In our company model, service is fundamental, for this reason we improve it continuously, both from a technical and a scientific point of view. We invite the reader who needs a specialized consultancy to call or write us. We have extended to online customers our free advice service. By calling us, you will not find a seller, but a specialized professional.

High quality food supplements

Since the first steps, our development has been driven by quality research. The alcohol free supplements available in the homonymous menu category represent the modern evolution of our choices. Thanks to the specific production method, to years of sampling, refinement, formulation, study, comparison with experts, these products offer real results. Organic and biodynamic officinal plants, mother tinctures and glyceric macerates, food quality essential oils… all our products follow our philosophy and are guaranteed by the brand FITOSOFIA.

Phytotherapy consultations

Through the online herbal store you can request various types of advices:

  • Telephone counseling: 15/20 minutes telephone interview with specialized personnel, useful for identifying the most suitable supplements for the circumstance, includes further advices based on the specific case.
  • Herbal-naturopathic consulting: Private interview lasting about 1 hour, with specialized personnel, to identify the best personal health program, including diet and useful supplements.
  • Food intolerance test: Provides a table of sensitivities to food, an interpretative evaluation and a value analysis that can be useful to the attending physician. Includes 1 hour interview, a personalized diet and a health program.
  • Hair mineralogram: To analyse the presence of toxic metals and to develop a wellness protocol for their elimination. Includes 1 hour interview, a specific diet and advices on the integration of necessary minerals.

Opinions and reviews on our online herbal store

We believe that the best guarantee is represented by customers opinions. To ensure maximum transparency, we count on a review certification service, which takes care of requesting and publishing opinions. People who leave reviews are verified, and perhaps for this reason, they are not thousands per week, but few per year. By clicking on the FEEDATY link you can read the opinions of buyers who purchase products on our online herbal shop. We invite all customers to leave an evaluation on our service, in 2 minutes you give us a great gift, and you help us to continue our improvements.