Professionalism, commitment and direct experience, online since 2009, is one of the first and best known online herbalists in Italy with direct production of high quality herbal products.

Managed by qualified herbalists, it has been an established reference for those who use high quality food supplements, 100% made in Italy for twelve years.

Il Prof. Dr. Roberto Cammarata, graduate Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano e specialized in phytotherapy, boasts an experience of over twenty years in the world of herbal medicine, dealing with his scientific team, research, formulation and production of food supplements.

La Dr. Facchinetti, graduated in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies and herbalist, has over ten years of experience in the world of herbal medicine, dealing specifically with natural medicine, nutrition and phytotherapy.

An ever growing team of collaborators such as nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, herbalists, doctors, pharmacists, collaborates daily to improve customer service, care protocols, and to enrich the catalog with innovative and functional products.

An herbalist at your service

Customer service Fitosofia guarantees its customers personalized advice, just like with the trusted herbalist, by phone, email or at theherbalist shop in Milan. The team, made up of expert and specialized herbalists, doctors and biomedical engineers, is able to provide advice on the choice of the product, on the correct dosage, on any interactions with other drugs or possible contraindications, following the customer before and after the purchase.

High quality

Food supplements Fitosofia® derive from directly selected raw materials and are produced in Italy according to the highest quality standards. We do not use dyes, synthetic flavors, and if necessary, we try to minimize the use of formulation excipients. We stand out for the use of innovative extraction methods that allow us to create concentrated, highly bioavailable and biocompatible extracts.

Authorized company

Fitosofia is the Italian herbalist of reference for the purchase of high quality natural supplements. The safety of the products in the catalog is guaranteed by the authorization of the Ministry of Health. Fitosofia srl is an OSA (Operator in the food sector) authorized at ministerial level for the marketing of food supplements in Italy. Our products are present in the lists of supplements authorized at ministerial level.

Satisfaction index

More than 95% of our customers were fully satisfied with our products and our pre and post sales service. We appreciate and thank those who support us by posting reviews on Feedaty, Google e Facebook, but we don't do targeted marketing campaigns. We guarantee fast delivery in 24/48 hours throughout the national territory.