Phytotherapy specialist

The owner

I have always had a mathematical, curious and creative mind, focused on research of discovery. When I was 9 I remember I “discovered”, while playing by drawing triangles on a sheet of paper, precise relationships between the length of the sides. My older brother told me this was the Pythagorean theorem.

After nursery, I spent my afternoons in the hospital playing in a room with the patients’ children, while my mother was receiving patients. I remember the widespread smell of sanitizers, and the constant smile, the gentle, conciliatory tone of my mother. I remember the medical books that I flipped through trying to remember all illnesses names.

The Luigi Cremona high school in Milan was a good choice, akin to my nature. In University, the scientific approach allowed me to develop my aptitude for understanding rather than repeating. The degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic was only the beginning, because in the years of maturity I developed self-critical sense, a method, I understood that everything can be improved, that true intelligence casts doubt on everything, also on itself.

How I became expert in phytotherapy

After graduating, I found a job in the Milan office of a Korean company. I studied food supplements for specific needs, producing them and making them compliant with the market. In a few years I found myself managing negotiations, contracts, creating a sales network in Italy, keeping courses abroad. I launched two products on the market, Kefiro (fermentable kefir sachets) and colloidal silver, in 4 European countries, including Italy, now produced by many companies. Everything grew steadily, until they decided that herbal medicine was not a good channel in Korea. But after many satisfactions I was already convinced by results, so I resigned and I opened my company, Fitosofia.

At the SANA fair in Bologna I met one of the leading experts in Phytotherapy. He invited me to his stand and he said to me “Mr. Cammarata you are the one who exports to Korea, isn’t it? Please enter I need to talk you”. I was amazed but the speech continued: “Look, I’m going to demonstrate you the quality of my phytotherapics. You work a lot, ofter around, and your face shows stomach strokes. Is your digestion ok? After two years of never solved gastro-oesophageal reflux, it was the right question. I’ve had gastric reflux for the last two years but nothing works, I do not believe that plant-based products can… and he: Yes, but you agree that intelligence is something that can doubt also about itself? …and he treated me with 2 products in a week, explaining simple things, that I never read or heard before, rather, they contradicted the notions I considered valid until that moment.

As a man of science I wanted to understand, see the tests and proves. Instead the results arrived without written evidences. This is why Fitosofia was born in 2009, to look for evidences that are still hidden.

My work

Esperto specialista di Fitoterapia

My work is different from that of Avicenna, I am not a doctor but a researcher, a Phytotherapy specialist. My research starts from plant historical uses and their comparison with modern notions. I consider a wide range of information that once elaborated can give very valid cues. It’s a demanding job, constant but also full of satisfaction.

Necessary information exists, in our mind, in evolution, in science, in exchange with scientific community, in the past, in common sense; my research finds and links existing notions. To do this I need to study, compare texts, relate different opinions, buy books or read publications. The research leads me to participate in courses and conferences, both among the public and as a speaker.

Among the latest is the third World Flower Therapy conference, held at the “Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan”, where I discussed the theme of water memory. Currently I keep an annual course called “Phytotherapy and Health” at the Unitre University in Cesano Maderno.

Phytotherapy development

I study and produce food supplements formulations for specific needs, both under the brand Fitosofia and for third companies. My specialization includes B2B training and production management.

The Fitosofia Team

We are a team of professionals who love their work. Among colleagues and collaborators there are herbalists, doctors, nutritionists and specialists in phytotherapy. We do it because we see results, we saw them from the beginning on ourselves. We do it because we are enthusiastic, a lot of work can be done, and we know that results obtained so far are only a small part of what can be done.

We believe it, we prove it, and we do it with passion.

Prof. Roberto Cammarata