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AgingQ (Kaneka Ubiquinol 100mg)

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Food supplement in softgels of Ubiquinol 100mg (Kaneka Ubiquinol ™), with Vitamin B1, B3 and Zinc. Patented Japanese production method.


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Ubiquinol 100mg, Kaneka Ubiquinol ™

AgingQ is a supplement of Coenzyme Q10 in its reduced form, produced by yeast fermentation, enriched with Vitamin B1, B3 and Zinc. The patented production process of Ubiquinol Kaneka™ keeps it non-oxidized and identical to the form of Coenzyme Q10 present in the body, ready to perform its physiological functions without requiring further metabolic processes.

AgingQ is protected in the latest generation capsules OceanCaps®, to preserve ubiquinol from oxidation due to external factors.

Soybean oil, Coenzyme Q10 in reduced form (Ubiquinol), (capsule) gelatin, zinc citrate; stabilizer: glycerol monostearate; nicotinamide; antioxidant: rosemary extract; thiamine mononitrate.

Characterizing ingredients for 1 capsule

Ubiquinol: 100mg
Vitamin B1: 0.36 mg – 33% NRV
Vitamin B3: 5.3 mg – 33% NRV
Zinc: 3.34 mg – 33% NRV

How to use
We recommend taking 1-2 capsules a day, preferably with meals or following the recommendations of your doctor.

Keep out from children under 3 years. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor for the intake of the product during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Store in a cold and dry place.

Package content
30 capsules of 596 mg, in two blisters of 15 capsules.

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