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Lenitive Antiage Cream

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Extremely delicate anti-age cream specific for sensitive skin. The high concentration of soothing ingredients ensures total compatibility with reactive skins prone to irritation and redness. 50ml airless dispenser.


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Lenitive Antiage Cream

Lenitive Antiage Cream is specific for delicate and reactive skin. Its formula concentrates high skin tolerability ingredients. It favors the progressive restoration of skin physiological activity, calms irritations and accelerates tissues regeneration, supporting micro-circulation.
Lenitive cream supports skin recovery in case of sensitivity, and is an excellent remedy as after-sun, post-depilation or after aesthetic laser treatments. It hydrates and protects for a long time, calms sensitive areas and brings progressive relief. It prevents oxidation caused by UV rays, stress and pollution and is absorbed quickly. The emulsion is soft and delicate; and doesn’t leave greasiness or residues after application.

Ingredients of Lenitive Cream

Functional actives

calendula officinalis flower water, lapacho, chamomile bisabulum, pure vitamin E, red grapes extract , shea butter, essential oils.


aqua, calendula officinalis flower water, decyl oleate, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, glycerin, cococaprylate/caprate, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, bisabolol, polyglyceryl-3 stearate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, tocopherol, butyrospermum parkii butter, helianthus annuus seed oil, benzyl alcohol, tecoma lapacho bark extract, parfum, xanthan gum, dehydroacetic acid, calendula officinalis extract, sodium phytate, vitis vinifera peel extract, hexyl cinnamal.

Green formula

Lenitive Antiage Cream has a 100% natural formula. It is without vaseline, dyes, parabens, animal extracts, sls, sles and GMOs.

Technical Sheet


The delicate floral scent is obtained with a formulation of essential oils selected according to the chakra theory. Besides the research for a pleasant and characterizing fragrance, the essences have been chosen to promote openness and well-being. Its scent is very delicate.


Morning and evening, after cleansing skin with delicate products. Indications For rosacea, couperose, redness, for sensitive, reactive and irritatated skin. Excellent as after-sun, post-depilation or after aesthetic laser treatments. Suitable for all ages skins, even those more mature.

Beauty Synergies

For sensitive skin, always use Cleansing Cream, ideal for its extreme delicacy and softness. In case of couperose or rosacea, apply a few drops of Antioxidant booster or Antiaging Booster, to improve micro-circlolation. For particularly dry skin, or during winter, apply a base of Bio- Enhanced Hyaluronic or Vitamin Serum.

Format: 50 ml airless dispenser with safety lock

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