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Linseed Oil softgels

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Linseed Oil softgels helps intestinal flow in a delicate way without side effects. Linseed gently stimulates intestinal transit, without irritating the mucosa. Contains 60 softgels


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Linseed oil softgels

Linseed Oil is extracted by cold pressure from Linum usitatissimum seeds. It is excellent in case of constipation, totally without contraindications: it lubricates and facilitates intestinal flow without irritating. Used daily it promotes mucosal protection, soothes it and helps preventing and counteracting inflammation. Linseed Oil is an excellent adjuvant for:


Linseed oil for slow intestinal flow

Properties of Linseed softgels

Unlike other vegetable oils, Linseed Oil has a very healthy lipidic profile, with low levels (about 9%) of saturated fats, a moderate amount (18%) of monounsaturated and high concentrations (73%) of polyunsaturated fat acids (PUFA). The PUFA content includes about 16% of omega-6 fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid (LA), and about 57% of alpha linolenic acid, precursor of the omega EPA and DHA.

These fatty acids are essential for the proper immune system functionality and reduce the risk of cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative and inflammatory diseases.

Our Linseed oil pearls are enriched with Vitamin E, a powerful anti-radical and natural antioxidant, able to protect cell membranes from free radicals and to prevent oxidative damages even at vascular level.

Tips to improve intestinal flow

Intestinal regularity is fundamental for our well-being; it prevents fermentation and swelling, hinders pathogenic organisms and toxins proliferation and is the first protection against many diseases.

  • Assume fiber rich foods and drink at least 2 liters of water a day, still or as an infusion. The combined intake of water and fibers favors the increase in faecal volume, activates peristalsis and facilitates intestinal progression of faeces.
  • A constant physical activity strengthens the intestinal smooth muscle, mechanically activates
    peristalsis and promotes the progression of foods along the digestive tract.
  • The best position for the evacuation: squatting creates a pressure of the lower muscles against abdomen, it favors evacuation and reduces the risk of hemorrhoids. To assume the crouched position on the toilet, just place a 20-30cm stool under your feet.

Constipation and herbal medicine

Linseed oil gently stimulates intestinal transit, without irritating the mucosa, it acts as an emollient, lubricant and anti-inflammatory.

For a more complete action and to promote intestinal rehabilitation, we recommend combining Lactic Ferments. Under normal conditions, about one third of the faecal mass is made up of intestinal microorganisms. A reduction in bacterial flora may cause constipation; at the same time, a reduced faecal mass is insufficient to mechanically activate evacuation stimulus. Maintaining the intestinal flora is essential to prevent transit alterations.

Stimulating liver function is very important: Detox Migliora stimulates fats’ digestion and promotes toxins drainage, gently assisting the intestinal function.

Technical sheet


Cold-pressed Linseed oil (Linum Usitatissimum L.), titrated to 45-65% in linolenic acid, Natural Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol), Antioxidant: mixture of natural Tocopherols: Vitaheess E sf PLUS (E-306 , E-310 and E-304i); External coating: food gelatin; resistance agent: Glycerol.

Suggested use

Assume 1-2 Linseed oil softgels every day with water before breakfast and dinner.

Recommended association

  • BODY DEPURATION: Lactic Ferments, Lapacho, Drena, Attiva, Detox
  • CARDIOVASCULAR PREVENTION: Garlic-Olive-Hawthorn softgels, Vitamin C, Integra 100% RDA, Phyto-activated Red Rice, Omega 3
  • CONSTIPATION: Aloe Vera +C, Lactic ferments, Diges, Detox
  • DERMATITIS, SKIN ERUPTIONS, PSORIASIS: Lactic ferments, Lapacho, Detox, Allevia, Borage oil
  • FLU: Propolis, Lapacho, Lactic ferments, Detox, Energy, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera +C
  • FOOD INTOLERANCES: Lapacho, Lactic ferments, Aloe vera +C, Detox, Diges
  • INTESTINAL SWELLING: Attiva, Lactic ferments, Aloe Vera +C, Fenne mother tincurel, Lapacho
  • INTESTINAL INFLAMMATION, COLITIS: Allevia, Omega 3, Lapacho, Lactic ferments, Aloe vera +C
  • OXIDATIVE STRESS: Antiox, Omega 3, Integra 100% RDA, Vitamin C


Linseed oil softgels must be avoided in case of sensitivity to one or more components. In case of pregnancy, breast-feeding or in children seek advice from the family doctor.

Format: 60 softgels jar

Daily dose (2 softgels) contains:

Linseed oil     1000 mg
Provision of alfa-linoleic acid     450 mg
Provision of oleic acid     110 mg
Vitamin E     13,4 mg – 112% RDA


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