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Maca Root extract, natural aphrodisiac supplement in drops. Increases energy and fertility. Stimulates sexual desire and supports psycho-physical and sexual asthenia. 100% natural and safe.



Maca root extract, concentrated supplement in drops.

Maca is a perennial plant that grows wild in Peru, at 3000-4000 meters of altitude. It resists the extreme climatic conditions of the Andean regions and has been cutivated since 1600 BC.
Thanks to our innovative extractive technique our Maca root extract contains high concentrations of active ingredients and is excipient free: without alcohol, added sugars, gluten, dyes or GMOs. Excellent adjuvant for:


Actives in Maca root

Starting from the years 1960-70 Maca root has been used as “nutraceutical” by doctors and American gynecologists. The content in essential amino acids is particularly interesting: histidine (necessary for children), isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine and tryptophan.

Also its essential fatty acids are noteworthy (oleic, linoleic and arachidonic acid), and its glucosinolates contain sulphured glycosides which can be found in other species of the brassicaceae family (for example in broccoli).

Traditional use of Maca

The most used part is the tuberiform root of Maca, which has always been included in indigenous peoples diet for its high nutritional value. Today Maca still represents a fundamental component of Peruvian populations diet.

Its extraordinary nutritional and medicinal virtues were already known to the Inca civilization, which considered Maca as a gift from the gods, and reserved it only for warriors and priests. With the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, Maca root became known in Europe, where it was appreciated above all for its positive effect on fertility and sexual desire.

Maca root extract benefits


Many studies support the use of Maca root extract as a hormonal stimulating supplement for fertility both for men and women thanks to its polyendocrine action. It contains substances that stimulate the production of various natural hormones. The increase in fertility is due to the presence of four alkaloids: macaine 1,2,3 and 4 which have been isolated in the root of Maca.

In women it promotes follicular maturation, ovulation and predisposes endometrium for embryo nesting with an hypothalamic-hypophyseal mechanism.
In men, Maca improves erectile function and promotes spermatozoa maturation, it increases their number and improves their mobility. Maca roots contain a high percentage of fructose, a physiologically high concentrated monosaccharide present in the seminal fluid, where it probably acts as the energy source for semen.

Natural aphrodisiac

Maca root extract can be used as an energizing and aphrodisiac supplement in both sexes as it contains isothiocyanates known for their effect against loss of libido (especially male, but also female).

Thanks to the hormonal stimulus, it causes vasodilatation and increases blood flow to genital organs. Libido is stimulated through higher vascularization of cavernous bodies in man and of the clitoris in woman.

Ovarian disfunctionality, menopause

Maca root extracts can be used in premenopause to preserve ovarian functionality. Many gynecologists prescribe Maca root to balance ovarian imbalances; it is often preferred to hormonal replacement therapy.

Unlike hormones, Maca stimulates ovaries and other endocrine glands to naturally produce hormones according to body needs. Maca assumption can significantly alleviate the typical symptoms that precede and accompany menopause.

For sports

Maca can be used by sportsmen especially for high-altitude sports. Numerous witnesses from bodybuilders and athletes confirm that the assumption of Maca root increases strength and physical endurance, and also significantly contributes to strengthening musclar mass.

For Ageing

Maca root content slows down aging degenerative processes, prevents hair loss and contributes to maintain skin hydration and tissues tonicity.

Technical sheet – Maca extract


Glycerine; 4:1* Concentrated aqueous Extract of Maca root (Lepidum meyenii Walp.). *drug/extract ratio

Suggested use

Pour 20 drops in water 3 times a day before meals. Alternatively pour 60 drops in a bottle of water and drink during the day.

Recommended associations

For more specific situations our Maca root extract can be associated with other remedies. For all the following situations, the reader is invited to read the product pages below. Remember, always ask your doctor for advice.

  • Decline of desire, sexual asthenia: Energy. For him: Ginseng mother tincture and glyceric macerate of Sequoia gigantea. For her: Vaccinium vitis glyceric extract
  • Concentration: Neuro+ DHA, Omega 3, Antiox, Betula Pendula seeds glyceric extract. Environment: Rosemary essential oil.
  • Infertility: Energy, Wheat Germ Pearls, Ginseng mother tincture, Integra 100% RDA.
  • Early ageing: natural Vitamin C, Antiox, Energy, Hair Nail.
  • Muscular mass: Active, Energy.
  • Pre-menopause: Borage Pearls, Magnesium citrate, Calendula mother tincture, Agnocasto mother tincture, Salvia mother tincture, Rubus glyceric extract.
  • Sports performance: Attiva, Energy, Antiox, Integra 100% RDA, Eleutherococcus mother tincture

Extraction process

The ultrasonic processing allows the total extraction of all active ingredients contained in maca root (water-soluble, fat-soluble, essential oils, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins) without heat or solvents, and preserves the integrity of the phytocomplex that is entirely transferred to water. ALCOHOL FREE SUPPLEMENT.


Avoid in subjects sensitive to one or more components and in case of severe hypertension. It is not recommended in case of pregnancy and during lactation. Ask your doctor for advice in case of men with high levels of PSA (specific prostate antigen) or with previous prostate cancer, as well as in women at risk of breast cancer. Not recommended in case of hyperthyroidism and liver diseases. Keep out of reach of children.

Product size: 50ml

Ingredients and content for maximum recommended daily dose (60 drops equal to 3g):
Maca root c.a.e. 1500 mg


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