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Diges Natural Digestive

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The natural Digestive, free of contraindications, which works from the very first use. Counteracts abdominal swelling and improves digestive processes.



Natural digestive: immediate digestion without swelling

Diges is a natural digestive that facilitates proper digestion while optimizing nutrients assimilation. It counteracts swelling, quickly boosts digestive processes and stimulates hepato-biliary function.

Thanks to our innovative extractive technique it contains high concentrations of active ingredients and is excipients free: without alcohol, added sugars, gluten, dyes or GMOs. Excellent adjuvant for:


All natural ingredients of our digestive

Chamomile flowers (Matricaria chamomilla)

Ideal as spasmolytic and carminative in digestive colics, as well as in case of bacterial flora alterations, for example after antibiotic therapy. It has amaricating and aromatic properties that facilitate digestive processes.

Its use is considered preventive and curative in case of gastric ulcer and in acute and chronic inflammation of gastrointestinal mucosa. It has antibacterial properties, particularly against Helicobacter pilori.

Historically used for its antispasmodic properties, Chamomile reduces painful manifestations during intestinal colics and dysmenorrhea. It has anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties.

Gentian root (Gentiana lutea)

It has a bitter-tonic action. Its bitter principles increase gastric secretion and salivation by reflex, through stimulation of taste receptors, thus contributing to stimulate hunger and improve digestive processes.

It is specific in case of gastric achilia (lack of secretion of gastric juices), dyspepsia, meteorism and flatulence. Gentian has been historically used as a tonic-corroborative remedy also for the other organs.

Centaurium erythraea aerial parts (Erythraea centaurium)

Traditionally used as a febrifuge and bitter-tonic, to stimulate hunger in chronic dyspepsias and in achilias.

It stimulates motility and gastric secretion and is ideal in case of digestive difficulties, gastrointestinal atony, dyspepsia with meteorism and hepatic burden.

Its actives are able to stimulate tongue taste receptors, generating an immediate increase of gastric secretion. It stimulates appetite and strengthens the digestive activity, increases the tone of the organism and its defensive reactions.

Medicago sativa aerial parts (known as alfaalfa)

Alfa Alfa (from the Arab “father of all nutrients”) is known for its richness in vitamins and minerals that make it an effective restorative, strengthening and stimulating remedy for our organism. It contains essential amino acids and digestive enzymes that immediately boost food digestion.

Artichoke leaves (Cynara scolymus)

They have a strong choleretic activity, they increase bile production and favor its flow into the duodenum. Artichoke promotes gallbladder contraction and bile excretion.

It has protective and detoxifying action on the liver and is a good hypocholesterolemic agent.

Absinthium aerial parts (Artemisia absinthium)

They excite our oral mucosa nerve endings and stimulate gastric juice secretion. Their essential oil induces the increase of chloropeptic secretion.

Known for its antiparasitic properties (roundworms-pinworms), Artemisia also seems to increase our body’s resistance.

Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis)

Stimulates salivary and gastric secretion, increases ptialine (amylase) and mucin concentration, promotes peristalsis and intestinal tone.

The effectiveness of ginger is recognized in cases of dyspepsia and motion sickness. It stimulates our stomach thermosensitive receptors and causes a sensation of local heat, which is useful in case of dyspepsia, gastric hypoacidity and pain.

Bromelain and papain

They can hydrolyse proteins in oligopeptides and amino acids and favor the digestion of high protein content food such as meat and fish.

These proteolytic enzymes are extracted from pineapple and papaya and are very useful in dyspeptic disorders, flatulence and intestinal swelling.

Natural Digestive: technical details


Glycerine; 4:1 Concentrated Aqueous Extract of: chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla l.) flowers, gentian (Gentiana lutea l.) root, centaurea minor (Erythraea centaurium l.) aerial parts, alpha alpha (Medicago sativa l.) flowery aerial parts, artichoke (Cynara scolymus l.) leaves, absinthium (Artemisia absinthium l.) flowery aerial parts, ginger (Zingiber officinalis roscoe) rhizome; bromelain from Ananas comosus; papain from Carica papaya; natural flavor: fennel essential oil; acidifier: citric acid; preservative: potassium sorbate. *drug/extract ratio

Extraction process

The ultrasonic processing allows the total extraction of all the active ingredients contained in the vegetable (water-soluble, fat-soluble, essential oils, mineral salts, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins) without heat or solvents, and preserves the integrity of the phytocomplex that is entirely transferred to water. ALCOHOL FREE.

Suggested use

Pour 30 drops of Natural Digestive in natural water before or after meals. Drink only room temperature or lukewarm water; never drink cold beverages if your digestion is slow.

Suggested synergies for a better digestion

Seen the fundamental role played by a proper digestion, the natural digestive can support the physiological response of our body in various situations. For more specific situations, we highlight other possible synergies. Remember to always ask your doctor for advice.

  • ACNE: Lactic ferments, Lapacho, Integra 100% RDA, Borage oil pearls. External use: Skin Detox
  • ALITOSIS: Detox, Attiva, oral rinses with Mint essential oil (2 drops in water, 2-3 times per day)
  • SLOW DIGESTION: Detox, Lactic ferments, Linseed oil pearls
  • DIGESTIVE HEMICRANIA: Magnesium citrate, Dolor. External use: OE. Lavender on temples
  • FETOR HEPATICUS: Detox, TM Milk thistle. (requires liver purification, it’s not a gastric problem)
  • FOOD INTOLERANCES: Lapacho, Detox, Lactic ferments, Omega 3, Aloe vera +C
  • METEORISM, FLATULENCE, CONSTIPATION: Lactic ferments, Detox, Attiva, Linseed oil pearls
  • GASTRITIS, REFLUX: Aloe vera +C, Lapacho, Allevia, MG Ficus, Propolis, TM Licorice


Avoid in subjects sensitive to one or more components. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding seek advice from your family doctor. Like all bitter plants based products, is not recommended in case of gastritis and ulcer.

Product size: 50ml PE bottle

Ingredients and content for maximum recommended daily dose (60 drops equal to 3g)
Chamomile flowers c.a.e.    288 mg
Gentian root c.a.e.    288 mg
Centaurea minor aerial parts c.a.e.     216 mg
Alpha Alpha c.a.e.     216 mg
Artichoke leaves c.a.e.     216 mg
Absinthium aerial parts c.a.e.     144 mg
Ginger rhizome c.a.e.    72 mg
Bromelain     50 mg
Papain      50 mg


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