High quality herbal products

All Made in Italy, the herbal products available on ours herbal medicine online are characterized by high efficacy and concentration, derive from raw materials of controlled origin. Respect for the herbalist tradition is a constant goal.

Each preparation provides maximum functionality and the complete naturalness of plant ingredients. Plants are treated with techniques that preserve the quality of herbal medicines, the active ingredients remain intact until the time of mixing the product and its use. These and other aspects form our basis for obtaining maximum effectiveness and purity of the products.

Fresh, spontaneous, wild plants

La wild origin of the plants collected in uncontaminated or low-polluted areas such as the Italian mountains is perhaps one of the reasons that explain why our brand is associated with high quality herbal products.

Wild plants are the most active and the most difficult to find, they are harvested only on certain days and times of the year. Yields depend on natural availability which may be limited depending on the climate and the botanical species.

As a result, it is possible that our annual production for some products is limited, not because there is no demand, but because we have not harvested or found enough fresh plants. Each year the production is calculated with a small abundance compared to the demand of previous years, but it is impossible to foresee sudden developments.

Herbal products for health

We research cutting-edge formulation and technological solutions to exclude processing excipients as completely as possible. We try to get each product as if we were developing it for our child.

Our commitment is constantly aimed at studying and collecting information on the issues of the phytotherapeutic / food approach to health. We do not produce food, but it is essential to associate supplements with a correct diet and an adequate lifestyle, consequently for us it is necessary to study and also talk about nutrition.

Made in Italy products

The production of our herbal products is handled entirely in Italy. We directly check the quality of the production chain, starting from the study of the formula to the finished product, ready on the shelf of the herbalist's shop. This supervision would be impossible for raw materials from other countries.

Italy has a very clean environment, we have harvesting areas such as the Alps, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, and virgin paradises that can cover the needs of small productions like ours.

Surely we will never be able to produce 100.000 pieces of a single item with this quality without the right notice, we would not find enough plants. We maintain a direct relationship with collaborators, we cultivate and value human relationships, our collaborations are slow to start, but of long duration.

Without excipients

In our herbal products we do not use dyes, synthetic flavors, or in general we try to bring all the excipients to zero. True herbal products take their color and smell from the active ingredients, essential oils and ingredients they contain.

Due to the extreme naturalness they can have small color variations from production to production. In nature it is impossible to find two identical trees, two apples with the same shape or the same color, especially if after many years.

The products available on ours herbal medicine online are addressed to the careful consumer, who knows how to identify any residue on the bottom as an index of product quality, and indeed wants to find it. Almost always a very good perfume or flavor indicates the presence of synthetic aromas.

We do our best to get good or neutral flavors, but without compromising with excipients. The same applies to GMOs, or dyes, which are absent in our products. Our cosmetics are without SLS, SLES, parabens, and are not tested on animals. We only use green ingredients.

High quality supplements

Foods, supplements, beverages, cosmetics, and any other substance ingested interact with our physiological processes, favoring or worsening our state of health.

Use healthy, natural ingredients rich in natural active ingredients it is healthier for our body. As for our products, we select only vegetable raw materials from traditional organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Nature, extraction methods and innovative technologies allow us to make highly bioavailable and biocompatible extracts. It should be remembered though, that these are not enough on their own.

We must pay close attention to all the aspects mentioned above, and remember that respecting a correct diet, rest and exercise often, are fundamental aspects that contribute to protecting our health.