Liability clause

Plant extracts, herbal products and food supplements are not medicines or curative products and therefore they are not recognized therapeutic properties or ability to cure human diseases. The information reported on the site derives from herbal literature whose bibliography is visible below, and is to be used solely for informational and cultural purposes, having only botanical, historical or health-related purposes.

This information may also derive only from traditional herbal use or from empirical research, not necessarily of a medical nature or scientifically proven and confirmed. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the information and studies on the individual ingredients and the actual activities on the human body by them or by preparations containing these components can be found.

For these reasons, the information given here should not be used to make decisions about your health or any medical therapies, and are never intended as a substitute for medical treatment or taking drugs. The supplements in no case replace a balanced diet and a healthy and controlled lifestyle.

In case of known allergies or intolerances to particular components, it is essential to always request prior confirmation of the ingredients / INCI indicated on the site via the Contact area. In case of ailments, pathologies or allergies, always consult your doctor first.


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