Purchases made on the online herbalist shop they are safe and guaranteed. Online payments by credit card or Paypal are completely risk-free.

Payment information is encrypted during transmission. does not receive and does not store credit card or Paypal account data, so that your data is always safe. only receives communication of the positive outcome of the online transaction.

Terms of Payment

The Customer has the right to choose between different payment methods:

  1. Mark upon receipt of the goods (surcharge of + 4 €)
  2. Bank: Payment details are shown when you choose this form of payment in your order.
  3. PayPal.
  4. Credit card.

The purchase contract is concluded through the exact compilation and the consent to the purchase expressed through the adhesion given "online", subject to the successful completion of the payment.

Security certificates

To offer security in purchases, all information transmitted via the internet is encrypted by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol.

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol allows you to encrypt all potentially confidential information, such as personal data and information reserved for payment data. The information exchanged between your device and the site they cannot be read or copied, even if they are intercepted.

The SSL protocol guarantees that:

  • Authentication: Your browser sends data to the right server, and that server is secure.
  • Encryption: Data can only be decrypted and read by the right server.
  • Integrity: data cannot be altered during their transfer.

Web Reputation and reliability

In addition to security on payment systems, you can make sure of our reliability by analyzing our Web Reputation, or the opinion that Web users have towards us. For example, on this verified reviews portal you can read what they say about us -> Feedaty

You can check some references regarding the site, such as the VAT number (IT-09133250960), any available telephone numbers, a physical address, the registered office, the paid-in capital and further data regarding the company. Our site expresses all this information in the footer, the lower part, present on all pages.

More info
For any doubts and to request further information on the payment methods in force on, write to us via the contact form or call us at the herbalist's 02.9899.6473