Fitosofia® the Italian reference for the supply of high quality herbal products

The direct and exclusive supply of herbal products at herbalists, beauty centers and pharmacies is one of our main characteristics. For over 10 years we have chosen not to use the collaboration of wholesalers or sales agents to enhance the contact and encourage teamwork with all the therapists who choose to collaborate with us.

Given the cannibalization of the herbal market by the giants of the internet, we have always chosen not to make use of their collaboration, and to reserve our products exclusively for herbalists, pharmacists, doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and in general for wellness and of health.

For all these figures we give maximum availability, we send samples and scientific cards, we share our protocols, we make video conferences, we reserve our time to evaluate together every detail of our collaboration.

Our supplements are characterized by choices of absolute and proven quality which are reflected in the finished products. Our extracts derive mainly from fresh, spontaneous and wild plants and are highly bioavailable and biocompatible.

We use innovative technologies together with slow extraction methods to exclude processing excipients and obtain pure and concentrated products. We check the quality of our products, starting from the study of the formula to the finished product, which is always 100% Italian.

We believe that functional herbal products can only be properly recommended thanks to the experience and meticulousness of the therapist, and that high quality is always enhanced by the professionalism of those who study the product and use it for years.

On the website ofherbal medicine online Fitosofia we try to be as precise as possible, but there is no site that can replace the therapist's work.

We protect and value those who, like us, have been studying and working hard for years. The customers we are looking for are people who have been engaged in this sector for years, we appreciate each of them, and with many of them we have studied and developed products.


Useful information for herbalists, pharmacists and beauty centers

Can I get advice on purchasing products?

Yes of course, you can write to us via the contact form to request a telephone appointment with Dr. Cammarata. Alternatively you can call us at 0298996473.

Can I get a herbal sample before purchasing?

Sure. Write to us via the contact form and we will be happy to contact you to agree on it. Given the many requests we send limited samples to the articles of interest, for this reason it is important to talk to us to identify the initial references.

What benefits could I get by becoming your partner?

We believe the benefits are mutual. For our part, we offer high quality products, professionalism, valid discounts and always free advice. Deliveries in Milan are made on the same day for all orders confirmed by 12:00, deliveries in Italy within 24/48 hours.

Can I request a customized product?

Sure. There are more types of customization based on needs and quantities. Fill out the contact form trying to be as precise as possible, or simply request a contact back for a customization. We will call you and discuss calmly.

Fitosofia does it have an office where I can visit you?

Sure. The office where we receive is in Viale Affori 11 in Milan, at the herbalist's shop Fitosofia, so that you can see and try all of our products. If you are an operator and you want to come and visit us you are always welcome, we ask you to make an appointment so that we can guarantee the presence of the owner.

In addition to supplying Herbalists, Beauty Centers and Pharmacies, we also supply

Nutritionists, Dietitians, Naturopaths

More than 95% of the operators who collaborate with us increase the number of herbal products used month by month. For some we have developed specific products.

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With Fitosofia you can retain your customers with high quality products. Produce your brand and improve margins. Delivery is fast and includes free courses and consultations.

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