Glycerine macerate of Cedrus libani, the bud extract for skin, itching, eczema and psoriasis. Properties of Cedrus libani The cedar buds of Lebanon have an elective tropism for the skin, in particular in the case of dermatosis of a dry, flaky nature and characterized by itching such as eczema and psoriasis. Glycerine macerate of Cedrus libani boasts a deep


Pure and concentrated liver purifier: swelling, slow digestion, drowsiness after meals, high cholesterol, food allergies and intolerances, water retention.


The natural digestive, without contraindications, which works from the very first use. It reduces belching, counteracts abdominal swelling and improves digestive processes.


Natural super energy based on vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and trace elements all of 100% natural origin. Pleasant lemon flavor.


Intestinal regularity, absorption of nutrients, immune defenses, allergies and intolerances. Live lactic ferments with prebiotic fibers.


Candida. Soil treatment in case of food intolerance, allergy, intestinal dysbiosis, weak immune defenses, bacterial and fungal diseases.


100% pure essential oil of Blue Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) fiori. Food-grade natural essential oil. Origin: Europe. 5 ml bottle.


Constipation and constipation. It facilitates intestinal transit in a gentle way and without contraindications. Naturally rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6.


Cardiovascular wellbeing, cholesterol, chronic inflammatory processes. Omega 3 pearls with high levels of EPA and DHA with Vitamin E.


Properties of Rosehip oil Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa, native to the Andes of South America. Rosehip oil is suitable for external use and is particularly rich in vitamin C and polyunsaturated fatty acids, of which 44% linoleic acid and 36% acid


Glycerine macerate of Secale cereale, the specific bud extract for liver inflammation Properties of Secale Rye rootlets have a high organotropism towards the liver, where it helps normalize inflammation of the liver parenchyma therefore it is useful in case of acute and chronic hepatitis . Rye helps to gradually reduce

12,60 - 37,50

100% pure tea tree essential oil of food quality (melaleuca alternifolia leaves and branches). The best quality originally from Australia. Format of 10, 30 and 50ml.


Purifying and draining mainly towards the hepato-biliary system and the skin. Ideal for promoting the elimination of skin toxins.


Specific for the treatment of respiratory ailments in particular in case of seasonal allergies, tracheobronchitis and asthma. For external use it is effective on dermatitis