Natural remedies for cellulite

What products we recommend

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Cellulite with water retention: Drena, Cell-K +

Advanced cellulite: Cell-K +, Mother tincture of Pineapple, Centella tablets

Cellulite with localized adipose accumulations: Kalo-two, Drena, Mother tincture of fucus


How to use the products

Cellulite with water retention

Drena: 10ml diluted in a bottle to drink in small sips throughout the day
Cell-K +: 60 drops in the same bottle

Advanced cellulite

Cell-k +: 60 drops in a bottle to drink in small sips throughout the day
Mother tincture of Pineapple: 90 drops in the same bottle
Centella tablets: 2 tablets before the 2 main meals

Cellulite with localized adiposity

Kalo-two: 10ml diluted in a bottle to drink in small sips throughout the day
Drena: 10ml diluted diluted in the same bottle
Mother tincture of Fucus: 90 drops in the same bottle

Duration of treatment

The recommended treatment is 2-3 months.

It can be repeated 2-3 times a year according to personal needs and the advice of your doctor.

What benefits to expect

The result depends on each person, also according to the lifestyle and eating habits. Greater results are obtained if an aesthetic treatment with lymphatic drainage massages is also combined.

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The horse chestnut has a protective action on the vessels, is vasotonic and anti-edema, it also reduces venous emptying times, hindering stasis. At the level of the small capillaries, it regulates their permeability and reduces fragility.


Compound Brown Alga (Fucus), the Properties Compound brown alga is a hydroalcoholic solution of several plants, a complete product that acts by accelerating metabolism and promoting turnover. It also stimulates liver and kidney function, thus promoting the drainage of liquids and the elimination of toxins and waste from catabolism. What does this preparation contain? Seaweed

6,00 - 52,00

Birch leaves herbal tea from organic farming. Choose the format of herbal tea you want from the drop-down menu: 100gr, 200gr, 500gr and 1Kg


Glycerine macerate of Castanea vesca, the main bud extract for the lymphatic system. Property of Castanea vesca Castanea (Chestnut) is defined as the princess of lymphatic mobilization. Its buds have a drainage action and help reduce stasis, especially in the lower limbs, responsible for edema and a sense of heaviness. The glycerine macerate


Natural supplement for leg health: improves venous and lymphatic circulation, promotes drainage of liquids and fights cellulite


Cellulite, varicose syndrome with stagnation especially in the lower limbs, circulatory disorders in the lower limbs


Natural drainage in liquid form specific for the drainage of body fluids and water retention. 100% natural pineapple flavor


Glycerine macerate of Fraxinus excelsior, the specific bud extract for detoxifying the body from metabolic waste, urea and uric acid. Properties of Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus has marked diuretic and uricosuric properties; its buds favor renal drainage, increase diuresis and stimulate the elimination of metabolic waste (urea and uric acid); therefore this


Natural fat burning supplement in liquid form. Lipolytic and specific stimulant for excess weight, nervous hunger and localized adipose accumulations. 100% natural lemon flavor


Glycerine macerate of warty birch sap, the bud extract to activate diuresis and eliminate metabolic waste. Properties of warty birch sap Warty birch sap is traditionally included in the prescriptions of gemmotherapy even if it is not an embryonic tissue. Very rich in potassium, the glycerine macerate of Betula lymph is

11,60 - 36,00

Specific for soft and orange peel cellulite, it also helps dissolve fatty deposits. On the skin of the face and hair it has a purifying action


Good draining and toning, massaged on the skin stimulates circulation, counteracts cellulite and delays hair growth. Excellent repellent against mosquitoes.


Promotes the elimination of toxins and stimulates circulation. Recommended against cellulite, water retention and adipose accumulations, it is also effective against pain and contractures.


Specific to combat cellulite and fluid retention; it has a strong anti-inflammatory action, ideal in case of bruises and muscle and joint trauma. Promotes digestion.


Drainage of body fluids, particularly in the case of cellulite, water retention, kidney stones, rheumatic diseases and cystitis.


Cellulite and water retention. It is also used for the treatment of superficial wounds, dermatosis and ulcerations as it stimulates the cutaneous production of fibroblasts.


Stimulant of the basal metabolism, it is indicated in diets aimed at weight loss. Also ideal for cellulite and water retention.


Pilosella is specific in case of water retention, edema, cellulite and urinary infections. Promotes the elimination of liquids by increasing urinary volume.


Specific for the purification of the liver of organic toxins, improves digestion, helps the production of bile and promotes diuresis.


High quality concentrated vitamin C, enhanced with concentrated natural active ingredients ultrasonically extracted from the fruits of Acerola, Camu Camu, Rosa Canina and Currant.