Herbal products for gout: the recommended natural remedies

What products we recommend

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Uric acid, hyperuricaemia, gout: Betula sapRenalFraxinus excelsior.

How to use the products

Uric acid, hyperuricaemia, gout

Renal: 60 drops per day in a bottle of at least one liter to drink in small sips throughout the day.
Betula sap: 120 drops in the same bottle as Renal.
Fraxinus excelsior: 80 drops in the same bottle as Renal.

Duration of treatment

Continuous 2-3 months cycles, to be repeated twice a year. Always follow the advice of your doctor.

What benefits to expect

In general, the person should observe a progressive improvement in the perceived well-being.
The specific benefit varies according to diet and personal reaction to treatment.

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Pure and concentrated liver purifier: swelling, slow digestion, drowsiness after meals, high cholesterol, food allergies and intolerances, water retention.


Glycerine macerate of Fraxinus excelsior, the specific bud extract for detoxifying the body from metabolic waste, urea and uric acid. Properties of Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus has marked diuretic and uricosuric properties; its buds favor renal drainage, increase diuresis and stimulate the elimination of metabolic waste (urea and uric acid); therefore this


Glycerine macerate of warty birch sap, the bud extract to activate diuresis and eliminate metabolic waste. Properties of warty birch sap Warty birch sap is traditionally included in the prescriptions of gemmotherapy even if it is not an embryonic tissue. Very rich in potassium, the glycerine macerate of Betula lymph is


The renal purifier that supports the functionality of the kidneys and bladder; reduces the formation of kidney stones and gravel and promotes the drainage of body fluids.


Drainage of body fluids, particularly in the case of cellulite, water retention, kidney stones, rheumatic diseases and cystitis.


Nettle root is specific for the treatment of symptoms related to benign prostatic hypertrophy. It also has a diuretic and remineralizing action.


Ideal in the treatment of colds accompanied by fever, in rheumatic affections and in respiratory inflammation.


Specific to stimulate renal function, it promotes the elimination of gravel and can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Good diuretic.