To promote restful sleep. Improves falling asleep and the quality of night's rest, adjuvant in case of stress and tension.


Tachycardia from anxiety and nervousness, pressure imbalances. It supports the well-being, integrity and normal functionality of the cardiovascular system.


Cardiovascular wellbeing, cholesterol, chronic inflammatory processes. Omega 3 pearls with high levels of EPA and DHA with Vitamin E.


High cholesterol and triglycerides. Monascus from fermented red rice, enhanced with 10 natural active ingredients, to promote the well-being of the cardiovascular system.


Glyceric macerate of Tilia tomentosa Properties of Linden The glyceric macerate of Tilia tomentosa has a high spasmolytic, sedative and anxiolytic activity that make it a good remedy in case of anxious syndromes, palpitations, stress (even with mild hypertension) and cardiac erethism. Furthermore, thanks to the action on the production of serotonin, it helps to improve mood


Glycerine macerate of Fraxinus excelsior Properties of Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus has marked diuretic and uricosuric properties; its buds favor renal drainage, increase diuresis and stimulate the elimination of metabolic waste (urea and uric acid); therefore this remedy is used in cases of arterial hypertension, hyperuricemia, water retention and cellulite. The


Cardiovascular wellness. It regulates the heart rate, helps control blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscle. Good muscle relaxant.


Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: cardiac erethism, arrhythmias, arterial hypertension, myocardial fibrosis, anxiety, coronary spasms, palpitations, insomnia.


Viscum album glyceric macerate Properties of Vishio Viscum album (Mistletoe) is the only bud extract prepared according to the centesimal dilution (1CH); the high dilution makes the use of the plant safer, as at higher concentrations it could present a risk of toxicity. Viscum album glycerine macerate has an antispasmodic and hypotensive action useful in case of arterial hypertension,


Glycerin macerate of Olive (Olea Europea) buds. I focus on cardiovascular wellbeing in particular for the regulation of blood pressure and the prevention of degeneration of the arteries.

7,50 - 54,40

Passiflora herbal tea from organic farming. Choose the format of herbal tea you want from the drop-down menu: 100gr, 200gr, 500gr and 1Kg