Herbal products for pregnancy: the recommended natural remedies

What products we recommend

Here are some typical problems of physiological pregnancy and the related herbal remedies.

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Morning sickness: Ginger tea

Gastroesophageal reflux in pregnancy: Aloe vera, Ficus carica

Elasticize the belly skin: Sweet almond oil o rosehip oil, essential oil of lavender

Increased need for trace elements: It integrates 100% RDA

Perineum massage: Sweet almond oil

Regulation of intestinal transit in pregnancy: flax beads, probiotics

Muscle cramps in pregnancy: Magnesium citrate tablets

Back pain in pregnancy: Eradol cream

Swelling of the limbs in pregnancy: Castanea vesca

Headache in pregnancy: Lavender essential oil

Insomnia in pregnancy: Lavender essential oil, Tilia tomentosa

Stimulate labor: Pearls of Oenotera, Herbal tea of ​​raspberry leaves

Scarring of the stitches after childbirth: Mother tincture of Calendula

How to use the products

Morning sickness (XNUMXst trimester)

Ginger tea: 1 cup every morning

Gastroesophageal reflux in pregnancy

Aloe vera: 20 ml in the morning on an empty stomach or as needed
Ficus carica: 40 drops in a little water before main meals or as needed

Elasticize the skin (II and III trimester)

Lavender essential oil + Almond oil: Gently massage 4-5 drops of lavender all over the body, diluted in almond oil. In case of stretch marks already present, replace almond oil with rosehip oil.

Perineum massage (XNUMXrd trimester)

Almond oil: massage on the perineum every day until the end of pregnancy. Ask your trusted midwife for advice on how to perform the massage.

Regulation of intestinal transit in pregnancy

Flax beads: 1-2 pearls per day, as needed
1 tablet per day

Muscle cramps pregnant

Magnesium citrate: 1 tablet per day, in the morning.

Warning: to be used no later than the eighth month of pregnancy, unless on medical advice.

Back pain in pregnancy

Eradol cream: Gently massage on the woman's back every day

Swelling of the limbs in pregnancy

Castanea vesca: 60 drops in a bottle to drink in small sips throughout the day

Headache in pregnancy

Lavender essential oil: 2 drops massage on the temples and head

Insomnia in pregnancy

Lavender essential oil: 2 drops massage on the temples
Tilia tomentosa: 60 drops in a little water, in the evening before sleeping

Stimulating labor (late third trimester)

Pearls of Oenothera: 2 pearls a day, directly into the vagina from the 39th week
Herbal tea with raspberry leaves: 1 cup per day from the 39th week

Scarring stitches after childbirth 

Mother tincture of Calendula: Sitz baths with 100 drops of Calendula, diluted in a little water, several times a day. Alternatively, moisten a sterile gauze with water and add 100 drops of Calendula. Apply on the area for a few moments then dab with a dry gauze.

Duration of treatment

Morning sickness: until the end of the nausea usually within the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy.

Gastroesophageal reflux in pregnancy: as needed, until the symptoms disappear.

Elasticize the belly skin: if desired, massage the skin of the body and belly for the whole period of pregnancy.

Increased need for trace elements: it is generally recommended to take it from the third quarter.

Perineum massage: starting from the third trimester, until the day of delivery.

Regulation of intestinal transit in pregnancy: As needed.

Muscle cramps in pregnancy: as needed. Avoid taking it in the last month of pregnancy, unless otherwise indicated by your doctor.

Back pain in pregnancy: as needed, until the symptoms disappear. Gentle back massage is also recommended throughout the pregnancy.

Swelling of the limbs in pregnancy: as needed, until the symptoms disappear.

Headache in pregnancy: as needed, until the symptoms disappear.

Insomnia in pregnancy: as needed.

Stimulate labor: From the 39th week or after the end.

Scarring stitches after childbirth: Until the points are completely healed.

What benefits to expect

Morning sickness: decreased feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Gastroesophageal reflux in pregnancy: reduced burning sensation

Elasticize the belly skin: softer and more elastic body and belly skin.

Increased need for trace elements: more complete supply of trace elements.

Perineum massage: greater elasticity of the tissues of the vulva and vagina.

Regulation of intestinal transit in pregnancy: more regular evacuations.

Muscle cramps in pregnancy: reduction of cramps.

Back pain in pregnancy: reduction of the annoyance.

Swelling of the limbs in pregnancy: reduction of swelling.

Headache in pregnancy: improvement of symptoms.

Insomnia in pregnancy: improvement of the quality of night's rest.

Stimulate labor: gentle acceleration of the time of labor.

Scarring of points after childbirth: faster and healthier healing of sutures.

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Intestinal regularity, absorption of nutrients, immune defenses, allergies and intolerances. Live lactic ferments with prebiotic fibers.


Multivitamin and multimineral, to provide the intake of 19 vitamins and minerals at 100% of the daily RDA according to current guidelines.


Stress and anxiety, constipation, muscle cramps, palpitations and irritability, symptoms of menopause. Helps sleep at night by promoting relaxation.

12,00 - 26,00

Cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil Sweet Almond Oil is a valuable ally for the skin, being rich in Vitamins B and E, and in mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper, and in particular of Fatty acids. 100% pure, unrefined, without dyes, additives and perfumes,

13,80 - 44,80

100% Pure Essential Oil of Lavender Vera flowers (Lavandula angustifolia Miller, Barreme variety). Food grade essential oil. Origin: France


Constipation and constipation. It facilitates intestinal transit in a gentle way and without contraindications. Naturally rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6.


Integrity and functionality of cell membranes, trophism, firmness and functionality of the skin. Disorders of the menstrual cycle and joint function.


Properties of Rosehip oil Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa, native to the Andes of South America. Rosehip oil is suitable for external use and is particularly rich in vitamin C and polyunsaturated fatty acids, of which 44% linoleic acid and 36% acid


High quality concentrated vitamin C, enhanced with concentrated natural active ingredients ultrasonically extracted from the fruits of Acerola, Camu Camu, Rosa Canina and Currant.

16,00 - 66,00

Ginger herbal tea in powder from organic farming. Choose the format of herbal tea you want from the drop-down menu: 100 gr, 200 gr, 500 gr and 1 Kg