Herbal products for the prostate: the recommended natural remedies

What products we recommend

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Prostatitis: Serenoa mother tincture, Mother tincture of Epilobio, Omega 3

Prostatic hypertrophy: Serenoa mother tincture, Ribes nigrum, Sequoia gigantea, Aging OX

How to use the products


Serenoa mother tincture: 40 drops in water, 3 times a day before meals
Mother tincture of Epilobio: 40 drops in water, 3 times a day before meals
Omega 3: 1 pearl before lunch and 1 before dinner

Prostatic hypertrophy

Serenoa mother tincture: 40 drops in water, 3 times a day before meals
Ribes nigrum: 40 drops in water, 2 times a day before meals
Sequoia gigantea: 50 drops in water, 2 times a day before meals
Aging OX: 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast

Duration of treatment

Prostatitis and theprostatic atrophy: The protocols can be extended without contraindications.

Always seek the advice of the attending physician.

What benefits to expect

Prostatitis and theprostatic atrophy: improvement of pelvic heaviness and burning sensation during urination, reduction of urinary urgency and frequency of urination.

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Antioxidant and anti aging. Capsules with Resveratrol, Maqui berry extract, Proanthocyanidins from Red Vine seeds, Lipoic Acid and Lycopene.


Cardiovascular wellbeing, cholesterol, chronic inflammatory processes. Omega 3 pearls with high levels of EPA and DHA with Vitamin E.


Glycerine macerate of Quercus robur, the bud derivative that stimulates the adrenal cortex, for asthenia and hypotension, which increases the production of testosterone. Properties of Quercus robur The oak buds have a marked organotropism towards the adrenal cortex; stimulate the production of cortisol, therefore their use is recommended in case of asthenia, convalescence,


Glyceric macerate of Ribes nigrum, bud derived from fresh buds Properties of Ribes nigrum The glycerine macerate of Ribes Nigrum is widely used for its anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and cortison-like properties. It is used in the treatment of all disorders of general and local inflammatory origin, in particular affecting the locomotor, respiratory and urinary systems. In case


Glycerine macerate of Sequoia gigantea, the anti-aging bud extract for men and specific for the prostate. Properties of Sequoia gigantea The buds of Sequoia gigantea are widely used as a remedy with a powerful antisenescent action, especially in humans; they help in case of sexual asthenia, support brain activity, give energy and improve mood. The glycerine macerate of


Epilobium is indicated for all prostate-related disorders such as prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and associated urination disorders.


Mother tincture of Serenoa (Serenoa repens) fruits in the ratio D / E 1: 5. Hydroalcoholic extract with specific action on the prostate. 50ml bottle