Herbal products for weight loss: the recommended natural remedies

What products we recommend

All recommended products can be selected by scrolling down on this page.

We remind you that before embarking on a slimming process it is good to carry out a period of purification of the excretory organs and always associate a balanced diet and adequate physical activity.

Slow metabolism: Kalo-One, Kalo-Two, Mother tincture of Fucus

Nervous hunger: Rhodiola, Attiva

Localized adiposity: Kalo-two, Garcinia

Excessive hunger at meals: Kalo-one, Glucomannan

Retention and cellulite: Drena, Cell-K +

How to use the products

Slow metabolism

Kalo-one: 1 capsule before lunch and 1 before dinner
Kalo-Two: 10ml diluted in water to drink during the morning
Mother tincture of Fucus: 90 drops in the same bottle as Kalo-two

Nervous hunger

Rhodiola: 60 drops diluted in water to drink during the morning
Activate: 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast

Localized adiposity

Kalo-Two: 10ml diluted in water to drink during the morning
Garcinia: 2 tablets before lunch and 2 before dinner

Excessive hunger at meals

Glucomannan: 2 capsules before lunch and 2 before dinner with water
Kalo-one: 1 capsule before lunch and 1 before dinner

Water retention and cellulite

Drena: 10ml diluted in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day
Cell-K: 60 drops in the same bottle as Drena
Mother tincture of Pilosella: 90 drops in the same bottle as Drena

Duration of treatment

For all protocols carry out cycles of 2-3 months as needed.

Always seek the advice of the attending physician

What benefits to expect

The results that can be obtained vary from person to person, also depending on physical activity, lifestyle and diet.

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Compound Brown Alga (Fucus), the Properties Compound brown alga is a hydroalcoholic solution of several plants, a complete product that acts by accelerating metabolism and promoting turnover. It also stimulates liver and kidney function, thus promoting the drainage of liquids and the elimination of toxins and waste from catabolism. What does this preparation contain? Seaweed


Weakness, anemia, sports performance. It counteracts fatigue without causing agitation, supports resistance to physical effort and muscle recovery.


Natural drainage in liquid form specific for the drainage of body fluids and water retention. 100% natural pineapple flavor


Excess weight and nervous hunger. It favors the control of the metabolism of fats and sugars and stimulates the sense of satiety without any toxicity for the organism.


Diabetes and sugar metabolism. Gurmar in the Hindu language, the plant known as the eliminator of sugars for its hypoglycemic action.


Excess weight, fat metabolism. Specific for those who eat a lot of sweets and carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, pizza and rice.


Natural fat burning supplement in liquid form. Lipolytic and specific stimulant for excess weight, nervous hunger and localized adipose accumulations. 100% natural lemon flavor


Mood tone, mental stress, resistance to stress and physical fatigue. For the production of cellular energy, adjuvant in slimming diets.


Stimulant of the basal metabolism, it is indicated in diets aimed at weight loss. Also ideal for cellulite and water retention.